How can I win my First Order as a Writer on Contentmart?

With regular orders being placed on the marketplace, winning your first order is an easy and fast process on Contentmart.

To make sure you win your first order quickly and easily, keep a note of these considerations –

 Your profile should be 100% complete

 You should have passed your English and industry specific tests

 Your profile must include an original profile picture

 You must select relevant expertise in writing

 Your profile must include details about your academic and professional qualification

 Your portfolio must include your written samples or published articles

 Keep your bidding competitive

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    Dear sir m aapka data complete karungi m aapse promise krti hu

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    Harbinder Singh Sehgal

    I'm new and fresh to this. I will give my best

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    Manpreet singh

    i'm new and fresh to this . i will give my best

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    I want to complete this data give me for some time i will do fast type

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    Ravi Koriya

    How can we call on contentmart?

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    Shariq Jahagirdar

    Hello I am new here is work as a writer and joined content mart with trustfully. So please help me . How I can be notify whether clients is interested in me and accepted my BI'd Request

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    Shariq Jahagirdar

    Hii iam writer please help me i am not geting response from clients for my work and Iam no getting notify or message whether Clint decline my proposal or accepted my proposal. Please reply soon

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    Harkesh Kumar Meena

    Sir Jo bhi work milega use complete krunga

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    Sk ayasn Alli

    I unable to found new task and unable login but sign in so what can I do