How can I withdraw my earnings from Contentmart account as a Writer?

Writers can transfer money from Contentmart account to any bank account (while earning in INR) and PayPal Account (while earning in USD).

  1. Minimum withdraw amount is Rs. 3000. (For Indian writers earning in INR).
  2. Minimum withdraw amount is USD 50 (For Indian writer's earning in USD and all International writers).

In order to withdraw money, you need to fill in all fields in profile settings. We will require all this information for transferring money.

To withdraw money,

  1. Log In to your account
  2. Go to Balance page
  3. Click on blue Withdraw button

Whenever you want to withdraw money from your account, the amount of money is blocked in your account till the time withdrawal is not completed. Contentmart processes all withdrawal requests on a weekly basis every Thursday.

Once the transfer of money to the bank account is successful, balance in your account reflects the money left.

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    Swaraj Nersekar

    Hello sir/madam, I am unable to withdraw the money as i am getting this message: The requested content cannot be loaded. Please help

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    Raaz BK

    sir please help me to find a job

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    Raveena Arora

    I have a query regarding the payment withdraw in Contentmart. Actually I've seen that as the client transfers the payment in writer's balance, that payment gets accumulated in the balance section only. But if I wish to transfer that payment in my bank account then the limit of transfer in bank account is 3000rs. or more only.

    I got quite dissatisfied with the restriction of withdrawing the money in bank account only when its 3000rs. or more than that. My point is that I can't withdraw the money less than 3000rs in my bank account? But why is it so? What's the point of putting up that restriction?

    Is there any other option so that the client can transfer the payment directly into the writer's bank account?

    Please let me know the solution of it. Looking forward of getting a positive response from your team.

    Thank you

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    apeksha warambhe

    Is it compulsory to have 3000 rs in our account for the withdrawal of money

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    Ravi prakash

    Kya mobile se kaam ho sakta hai

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    sufi rai

    sir please help me to find a job

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    Riddhi dhyani

    If I don't have paypal account then what I will do..

  • Avatar
    Ayaat Aymaan

    Sir how can I withdraw my payment if I don't have a PayPal account? I live in Bangladesh, Sir.

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    Manuj Das

    Sir how can I withdraw my payment if I don't have a PayPal account? I live in India, Sir.