What is the minimum project price at Contentmart?

The minimum pricing of placing an order on the platform is as follows:

  1. Indian Clients: 0.20 per word.

  2. International Clients- $0.3 per word.

However, freelance writers will send you proposals for the project according to how much they would like to be paid- it’s up to you to decide if they’re worth their asking price for your project. 

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    Aayush Jindal

    Yes Raj,

    That's what I explained to Contentmart team in a call. Let us decide what we want to pay per word to a writer.

    Contentmart can have min per order price, but not min per word.
    This may go down against them in a long term.

    I hope they listen to us.


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    I agree, it is totally illogical. I've stopped posting work here.

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    Some customers do to try to take undue advantage of writers skills, they think that writing is a cake walk, well if you think that writing is so easy and consequently you fix such a low price for us . Then why don't you write a content for yourself, on your own.Huh.

    Writing is no easy job, so please respect our worth. The clients want to get their work done at low price and the writers want to increase their 'Number of Orders Completed' which is why some of them succumb to a price lower than 100 bucks.

    I think if you guys really want to set a minimum ceiling price then bring it down to 100 bucks at least, this way if a very clever person wants to pay 50 bucks for their URGENT order he/she will surely won't mind spending another 50 bucks for it.

    I want to ask you, if you can use a Wi-Fi connection paying thousands of bucks then why is it hurting you so much to pay a little extra money to us.

    And Content Mart Policies do need some revision, as no sense of harmony can be seen this way. I mean C'mon I was offered 66 bucks for a 800 word article, hence a minimum price of 100 is the need of the hour.

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    Aayush Jindal

    Lol Avisree19. I do not want to reply your personal view. I am in the freelance industry for more than 15 years now. I know what you do not know. How this industry works.

    Its clients and employees who decide as per their budget. We are not forcing anyone to do it. If someone is not comfortable. They should not apply for the job. For others doors are open.

    No Freelance site does this. So, do not force you personal WISH to getting more MONEY on others. Let clients and employees decide.

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    Still I'm not get refund my deposited amount from ContentMart

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    Aayush Sir,

    I want to go off the track now. Need of the hour is:
    "Content Mart needs huge promotion" It has got potentials to create monopoly in the Content Writing Industry of India.

    When I submit a work to my client , and then when I ask him "Please Let Me Know, if you would need any edits" You know what I get to hear ," Ya, sure. Let me ask my client first."

    Great, my client has got another client. So, my client is what a "Middleman". The REAL CLIENT, the one who ACTUALLY NEEDS it ,would not even imagine of getting a content at price with two digits only.

    If I were a REAL CLIENT having budgetary constraints I would PIGGY BANK at least 100 bucks for my content, knowing that I would be talking to a professional. In this state of inflation I won't even think of giving him 50 bucks. Who does that?!

    We need to eliminate all such Middlemen slash other Content Writing Agencies who come to Content Mart with their orders. Because if I am getting 1/4th of his pay then he will be keeping 3/4th of the money and all this for what, for finding us! For simply placing an order on Content Mart.

    I am sure you are more experienced than me, I have not even completed a month as a Content Writer. But I want to ask "What do you know which we don't know?" How this 'industry' really works, Sir? I am not here to debate with you, I'm just curious. And I would love to hear from you.

    Supposedly I forget to type 'AN' before a word starting with a vowel, would a client needing an article with "No Grammatical Mistakes" like such a thing? Even a word with two letters matters in the entire content.

    We read and re-read our work for about ten times before sending it to you. And you just read it once. Our work is not supposed to get paid in INR of 50 or 60. Inflation is for services too. I read books on writing costing between INR 100 to 1000 and more. So, that I can become a better Content Writer with each book. How will I get repaid for this?

    I'm sure they must have had thought about something before bringing such a big change. And please don't tag this as 'PERSONAL WISH' its a 'STRATEGIC CHANGE'. Minimum price limit should definitely be set. No writer would be this mad that he would write a 1500 words article for 100 bucks, we should know how to negotiate and its our fault that we are making writing such an inexpensive affair.

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    Aayush Jindal

    Please talk some sense here. No one is asking 1500 words for 100 bucks. I have more than 300 completed orders here. More than 10 writers work with me. All are happy.

    Do not talk what u do not know. NOW I AM SURE THIS IS YOUR PERSONAL WISH.

    You are releasing your frustration here in this thread. The point is not low payment. The point is let client and employee decide what the pay for a job.

    If you are not happy, no one is asking you to work lol. So, stop saying these things. Its not making sense since you are not getting the point here. I have sometimes orders which take a few minutes like article rewriting and other stuff.

    That's why let clients and employees decide. And stop releasing your personal wish here.

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    Who doesn't like to get paid well? You may call it whatever you want.

    And for your kind information, I was making use of "HYPERBOLE" in the 1500 words line...

    You have guessed right that, I'm frustrated. Because, I have completed an order for a client with BUDGETARY CONSTRAINTS and now I'm sitting unpaid. He placed a personal order for me, I placed my bid for his order and till now he hasn't even awarded it to me. The client first lied to me that Content Mart is now allowing him to accept my bid. Meanwhile he asks me to complete the order for him, I did the same. Afterwards, he informs me about this CHANGE. And if you think I am GREEDY let me tell you I agreed to work for him for just 60 bucks ONLY out of goodwill, nothing else.

    The depth of my objections and views, above can only be understood by the strategic CONTENT MART''s MANAGEMENT. I think you are also irked by the "Middleman" part. (LOL) I should not have had written that addressing you. My fault. The End.

    So now that I know my worth. Dear, Content Mart if you are listening, "Please, let us negotiate"

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    Aayush Jindal

    See you are writing this in frustration. Haha.
    I don't care what you do or contentmart do lol. I own many companies and have 20 employees working for me. I don't need lessons from you or from Content mart.

    All I know I will go to other platforms if they do such things to increase their earnings. They did not do it keeping writers in mind. They seem to be greedy to increase their earnings, which I told them in a call.

    So, they have to decide or lose clients.

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    Don't you know, you should not mess with a frustrated GIRL.

    They would definitely think about everyone's suggestions and feedback s.You have taken steps from your side. By giving a call to them.That's good.Though the receiver of your call, might have controlled his temperament, because he is supposed to. But, I won't.

    And I don't care how many companies you own and neither does Content Mart :) You just have a bunch of 20 people, but my beloved ,Content Mart has an army of writers. And by my 'Hyperbole' I was just making you aware of it, I wasn't trying to teach you something.We are not here to teach you lessons, we are here to provide you our services.

    Have a good day. Sir. Don't stretch this unnecessarily, for God's sake! Bye :]