Top reasons why NOT to work outside of the Contentmart platform

Contentmart is a safe and secure marketplace where writers and clients can meet and work in a setting beneficial for both parties concerned.

 Contentmart prohibits the sharing of contact details such as email addresses, Skype ID and phone numbers through the site’s messaging system. Doing so will result in a permanent ban from our online writing platform, and therefore the chance to work in a controlled and safe environment.


Check out just some of the reasons why staying on the platform is in your interest:

  • Contentmart always guarantees complete payment for all work that is accepted through our platform. As a writer, if you work outside of the platform with a client from Contentmart, we cannot reimburse you any money if things go wrong and they don’t pay. In fact, we will ban you ourselves.


  • Clients who wish to circumvent our secure systems by offering work outside of the platform are likely to be scam artists wanting free work because there is no charge for using our service on their side.


  • Fake writers who offer clients to work outside of the platform may request a deposit, disappear, and then never do the work.


  • As a writer, working through Contentmart does not mean you’ll be earning less money. You place your proposal price to take into account any fees, and the client pays you for your talent and skills. Set your price to an amount you’re happy with.


  • Show the client your relevant experience and talents through your portfolio and work experience and a trustworthy client will be more than happy to pay you what your writing is worth.


  • Contentmart has a continual stream of daily work for you to choose from as a writer. Why put your earning potential in jeopardy by circumventing the secure platform that pays for your daily necessities?


Stay safe, stay secure, stay on the Contentmart platform!

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