How can I select the writer as a winner for my order?

Once you have sufficient proposals to choose from - explore individual proposals well, check the writers' portfolios, see profile ratings and their writing niche.

Once you are ready to make your choice and select a writer, click on the 'Set as a winner' button against the corresponding bid. This will trigger a confirmation email to you and a notification email to the writer.

After choosing the writer, you will have to wait for the writer's consent to work on your order. As soon as the writer sends their consent, you can assign your order to them.

Important: Right before you want to assign your order to a writer, make sure to fill in your Contentmart Wallet with sufficient balance, since a sum of money equal to the total value of your order is blocked when you will assign the order. (the money blocked is withheld with Contentmart, subject to be disbursed to the writer only after a successful order completion)

You can rest assured as your money is safe in our hands - In case the writer fails to deliver your order or you are not satisfied with the order delivered by the writer, the blocked amount unblocks and returns to your Contentmart's wallet balance.

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    Akhil Jose

    I have a client profile on your website and have outsourced around 70 orders there. And, I have had no issues so far. Two days ago, I had a bitter experience with one of your writers. I awarded a project to TEJAS ADASERA yesterday night. He did not accept it till the next day night. But I messaged him and he said he will do it and did not tell me that he did not want the work. The order got expired as he did not accept it. I have lost a whole day and wanted to get the work done on an urgent basis.

    And one thing I realized was that your support system is a utter joke!! No response even after 2 days of raising the issue. What an irresponsible and irresponsive support staff.