How to update my profile on Contentmart?

Once your account is activated, you can update and edit your profile information by clicking on the (EDIT PROFILE) button in your profile.

While updating profile, you are required to update or edit:

- Language Forte

- Expertise industry field

- Writing categories

- Description of your professional and education profile

- Your personal details with a picture and scanned signature

- And, your past work samples (portfolio)


Along with this, you are required to update your Account settings.

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    Donna Weidinger
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    Donna Weidinger

    Donna Weidinger Today at 13:17

    I approach writing and editorial process with purpose and passion.

    For instance, I have written numerous content and articles on topics I’m not familiar with.
    o Men’s health and online gambling.
    o Written with purpose of going beyond my best job.
    o Researched many hours on my own time.
    o Submitted copy and received a five-star rating.

    I have great personal pride when my work is deemed creative, five-stars, and the client acclaims my work and states that my copy is complete with no rewrites necessary.

    I use creativity to provide unusual copy.
    o An article on the three best restaurants in the world included a robot restaurant in Japan, an underwater aquarium restaurant in the Maldives and a sky is the limit service that puts a dining platform in the air over any outdoor site.
    o This was unexpected by the client who has published my article several times.

    My work is always original, error free and on time. I have never missed a deadline. I never use spin software.

    I have a strong skill set in editing other writers’ work and improve text using less passive sentences and more direct relevance.

    Extensive experience editing book submissions from new writers.

    Skilled in writing in many voices, in all formats about a multitude of topics.

    My experience includes brand management and sales, book ghost writer, business, consumer products, sales materials, financial services, software, investing, company profiles, product descriptions and introductions; healthcare, travel, leisure, entertainment, marketing and creative copy for target markets, B2B and B2C.

    Edited by Donna Weidinger
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    Pls work me

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