How to become a Verified Writer with Contentmart?

To become a verified writer with Contentmart, every writer needs to fulfil the below mentioned conditions:

 1. Write an essay

An easiest way to prove your writing skills is to write an essay.

Choose any one from the given topics and get started.

2. Must have minimum 10 completed orders

Clients will trust your profile more if you have more finished orders.

3. Advanced English Test

Writer must clear advanced level English test.

4. Positive Ratings

Clients pay attention to the ratings. Writers should have 4.2 or above star ratings. Your quality and timely content delivery will scale-up your ratings.

5. 100% Profile Completion

Complete your profile and upload your portfolio. The completed profile is more attractive.

6. Order Finish Ratio

You must finish 80% or more orders taken in your account.

7. No Warnings

You shouldn't have got banned or warned within 180 days of your date of registration.

Your Verified status may get lost even after getting verified once, if you will not be maintaining it by fulfilling all the above conditions.

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    Rini Srivastava

    what is blocked balance? Kindly explain