What if I have earned less than Rs. 3000 in my account and I want to withdraw the same?

On Contentmart, writers cannot withdraw the money if the amount earned is less than Rs. 3000.

However, the same amount will always remain in your account and you can earn more by working with Contentmart and then withdraw your earnings anytime.

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    Yash Shah

    Do not make these Rs. 3000 as limit. Please lower this, it is very disgusting for writers which cant make it to Rs. 3000

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    I agree too on this.You should lower the limit up to Rs.1500, at least.

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    Please lower the limit for withdrawal. As unverified writers do not get to earn Rs.3000 in a short span of time like verified writers,it doesn't hold good that the limit should be Rs.3000

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    Yovany De La Paz

    The limit is ridiculous for new writers that have already completed the work. Not fair to have to work multiple little jobs just to receive funds you already worked for. Will be going back to Upwork because of this.

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    I agree. The limit is indeed ridiculous. Also the fact that they simply say don't provide samples to clients and make no effort to ensure that writers are paid for their efforts.
    Content mart is simply a place where clients can get a handful of sample content for free!

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    Dhwani Shah

    It just feels as if we have to beg for our own money. It is totally demoralising the writers. I understand that you guys are running a business, but 3000 is exorbitant! You guys must have done some analytics and found out what an average write up would pay, right? We're very sure it wouldn't be more than 400! Out of which, you guys charge 10% and now, 20%!! Which means we have to write at least 10 write-ups to get paid for all of them!! How can you deem it right to fix 3000 as the minimum withdrawal amount in such a situation? I think you will soon lose writers if you continue to demean them.

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    No company can function without certain rules. The rules at Contentmart are all anti writer and pro contentmart.
    Don't submit samples, Keep your rate low, Don't withdraw until you earn 3000.
    Where is the writer security in all this?
    PS. I wonder if they even read our posts and suggestions!

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    Qamar fatima

    As I am a novice registered writer in content mart.But here Im shocked to know that 3000 money will always be with the company and the writers will not get even a single penny of their , work and work only .....without any rewards....
    Too tough .....please decrease the amount....

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    shazia siraj

    3000 INR or 50 USD is a big amount. A limit of 1000 INR should be fine