Clients are asking for free samples! What to do?

It is advisable that you do not share any free samples with the clients through the messages option. If the client wants to check your skill set, you can politely direct them to your portfolio.

Sharing free samples do not guarantee that the concerned order will be provided to you.


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    If we don't share samples we don't get the job!
    If we share samples we don't get paid!
    Writers are confounded if they do and confounded if they don't.
    I've sent a proposal to content mart to charge registration fee to clients. This can then be used to pay writers for samples.
    Let's vote on it. What say writers?

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    good idea is pre charge

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    Ashish pal

    I beg to say please give me the job for my family.
    Please kindle give me the job.

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    Kundan singh

    Please kindle give me job